Cambelt replacement
All makes/models

Cambelt replacement for all models of VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda - please refer to the list below as a guide for these makes. We also provide cambelt replacement for Audi R8 - please call 01256 477411 for more information and pricing.

Cambelt replacement intervals

We recommend you change your cambelt every 4-5 years depending on make. Call us for cambelt replacement pricing.

Cambelt replacement

The cambelt is one of the hardest working components in an engine. Made from a rubber based compound that deteriorates with time, it should be replaced in good time to avoid serious engine damage.

A cambelt or timing belt is a part of an internal combustion engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s) so that the engine's valves open and close at the proper times during each cylinder's intake and exhaust strokes. Cambelt wear is influenced by a number of factors including age and mileage and therefore it is essential that it’s replaced at recommended intervals.

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