Covering all makes and models, we can check your airbag works correctly and also check worrying airbag lights.

Full Airbag service includes:

Airbag Servicing & Repair

With the new MOT changes, warning lights on your dashboard will become an MOT failure. Resolving these problems can be very costly especially with Airbag Systems. SJB Autotech have many years of experience correcting faults with airbag systems and can save you time and money.

Like the engine computer and ABS computer, the airbag control module runs a self-check every time the vehicle is driven. If it finds a fault in a crash sensor, one of the car airbags, the wiring, or itself, it will set a code, turn on the airbag light and disable deployment in the event of an accident.

You can drive the vehicle with the airbag light on but the car airbags will NOT deploy should you be involved in an accident. You should have the problem diagnosed by SJB Autotech so any defective parts can be identified and replaced - and the airbag light reset.

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